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2013 Many Thanks!

And we’d like to thank the following special Friends of FRED:
Attendees, Speakers, Sponsors, Exhibitors and Volunteers —
Without you, this doesn’t exist. Stay connected.
Give us your feedback. Share your experiences:
And remember, next year save the date for March 2014!
A special shout out to the many people who make this all possible, through their time, energy, patience, contributions, generosity of spirit, humor, sweat and/or tears (in no particular order):
Helen, Kevin, Angela, Catherine, Kim, Mary, Richard/Dick, Karen, Barbara, Lisa, Zoe, Priscilla, Christina, Sabrina, Jerry, Ericka, Leah, Ginny, Barbi, Catriona, Elaine, Yuyu, Jeremy, Dwayne, Bobbie, Stephanie, Colleen, Diana, Janet Z, Kathy D, Mike, Kenny, Lisa/Whole Foods, Debbie/Fresh Brothers, Michelle and McKenzie K, Janet F, Deirdre, Brigitte H, Brad, Mark, Michelle, Laura S, George, Christine, Jim, Jan, Vicki, Cheryl, Judith, Brandy, Dicky and Jackie.
Oh, and to Eddie and Billy, for keeping the lights on.