How Stadium Choice Impacts the Outcomes of a Football Game

How Stadium Choice Impacts the Outcomes of a Football Game

How Stadium Choice Impacts the Outcomes of a Football Game

Fans drive revenues. They are the engine behind ticket sales, media income and sponsoring/merchandising. They are also the reason why clubs and rights-holders care so much about stadium quality. Yet, today’s fan demands more than just a great seat and an unforgettable match. He wants to enjoy and share experiences in the stadium that make him feel like a part of the team, that connect with him on and off game-day and realize alternative revenue streams from different services and experiences. Source

Stadiums are iconic buildings that are renowned for their unique atmosphere that creates an electric sense of energy and anticipation before the game starts. They are also a physical manifestation of the rivalry that is one of the key drivers of sports.

The current pandemic has emphasized the deep connection between fans and their favorite teams. It has also heightened the significance of stadiums as a place for a celebration of this relationship.

The Home Advantage: How Stadium Choice Influences Football Game Outcomes

The selection of a suitable site is critical to the success of a new stadium development. It must be a sizeable area that is able to accommodate the required capacity of the stadium. It must be surrounded by adequate space to allow fans to arrive, circulate and depart safely. In addition, consideration must be given to the statutory planning matters that may affect whether the site is suitable for stadium development. This includes the presence of any neighbouring buildings that have existing rights (e.g. a right not to have natural light blocked) that could limit or prevent any future stadium development on the site.

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