The Best Rain Boots Men Can Wear

best rain boots men

When a rainy day threatens to turn into a miserable one, a pair of superior boots (along with a good raincoat) can transform the experience. From a stylish rain boot to wear with any outfit while running weekend errands to tough, durable pairs for traversing rain, mud or snow, there’s an option to fit every need.

For anyone with foot pain, wardrobe consultant and image advisor Rahj Kennerskadi of Brewed & Styled recommends these waterproof Boulders from UGG. They offer a zero-drop design, meaning the heel isn’t raised like a traditional shoe, which relieves pressure on the back of the foot and alleviates problems associated with walking in flat shoes. He also points out that the boots are easy to style, pairing well with slim or skinny jeans, and they feature a durable rubber sole for traction on slippery surfaces. Read more

Squelch-Free Style: The Top 8 Rain Boots for Men this Season

If your feet tend to feel cold in the rain, consider a pair of insulated boots. Australian maker Blundstone makes these Thermal Chelseas, which bridge the gap between fashion and adventure-ready performance. They’re waterproof, sturdily constructed and can go from the farm to the city in one fell swoop.

For a tougher pair, opt for a lace-up boot that can be tightened and loosened to adjust for changing weather conditions. You’ll find a better fit and less sloshing when water gets in, and you can also look for a sole that’s made of rubber with siping (horizontal squiggles on the bottom of the outsole to stick to slick surfaces) or an insulating material such as neoprene.

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