How to Deal With Hiccups in the Newborn Position

hiccup newborn position

Hiccups are a singhiozzo neonato posizione normal part of the newborn experience and, as babies grow older, will decrease in frequency. However, if your infant is constantly getting the hiccups or seems to have them for hours on end, it’s time to seek medical attention.

Newborn hiccups are caused by air bubbles that form in the stomach, irritate the diaphragm and prompt a spasm in the vocal cords that makes the hiccupping sound. It is not known what causes this spasm, but researchers believe it could be a response to a sudden change in air pressure.

Baby hiccups can also be a sign of reflux, which occurs when stomach acid moves back up into the baby’s esophagus. Some people recommend arching your infant’s back or holding them in a slightly upright position during and after feeding to help prevent this, but if reflux is a concern, your pediatrician will be able to guide you on the best way to manage it.

Come Gestire il Singhiozzo nei Neonati: Posizioni Efficaci da Provare

Hiccups can be triggered when your baby is upset, fussy or overfed, so taking frequent breaks during a meal may help to alleviate them. In addition, burping your baby (or bottle-feeding) regularly during a meal can help to remove gas from their stomach. It is thought that hiccups can be an evolved burping reflex to eliminate swallowed air and help with digestion. Additionally, gently patting your baby’s back or offering them a pacifier can help relax their stomach and get rid of those pesky hiccups.

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