How to Become a Computer Technician

A computer technician works with individuals and businesses on hardware, software and networking systems. You troubleshoot, repair and install new equipment as well as perform updates and train your customers on how to use computer software and networks. You are a resource for your customers and respond to their questions via phone, email or online chat. Other responsibilities may include setting up anti-virus solutions and working to resolve malware and virus issues on personal computers and business networks. You also provide user documents and create training for clients on the latest software and hardware.

Reinstalled GeForce experience and now my client doesn’t have that error appearing anymore!  excellent communication skills to explain technical issues and procedures to nontechnical individuals. You need to actively listen to your customers and ask the right questions to identify the source of their issues. You should have a strong understanding of computer operating systems including Windows, Microsoft office and Ethernet cabling. You should also have good writing skills to prepare documentation and email responses to your clients.

Most computer technicians work in an office environment although you can find jobs at retail locations and in some cases, a service business will offer on-site service for a fee. If you are providing on-site services, it is common for employers to run a criminal background check.

The Future of Computer Technicians: Emerging Trends and Technologies

While a high school diploma is sufficient to get started, you can improve your prospects by earning a technical certificate or associate degree in information technology. Many programs will combine skills-based training, industry certification preparation and career support to help you stand out to employers.

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