Land & Property Conveyancing Melbourne


If you are purchasing a property, there is a lot that needs to be done. This is why you should hire a qualified land & property conveyancing melbourne to help you through the process. These professionals are experienced in transferring property titles and responsibilities and can help you with all the paperwork and legal issues that come along with the sale. They can also work with finance professionals and banks to make sure that you get the best possible deal.

Can you speed up conveyancing?

They can help you draft legal documents, including the contract of sale and Section 32 Vendors Statement. They can also perform searches on the title and land for any problems that could affect your settlement. They can even negotiate with the vendor on your behalf to make things easier for you. They can also assist with stamp duty and other taxes that might apply depending on your circumstances.

When buying a property, you will have to exchange contracts with the vendor within a certain period of time. This is usually set out in the Contract of Sale and depends on if you are purchasing at auction or through private negotiation. Before this happens, your Melbourne property lawyers will need to have a thorough inspection of the property and complete all your loan documents. You will also need to pay a deposit, typically 10% of the purchase price.

When the property settlement date arrives, your lawyer will arrange a meeting with a representative from the vendor to transfer ownership of the property. This will either be in person or via the PEXA digital property settlement platform.


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