Benefits of Addiction Treatment

Rehab (also known as addiction treatment) is an intense program that provides help and support for people struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. Rehab can take place at an inpatient or residential treatment facility, outpatient treatment program, sober living home, or in a community support group. For people who need more intensive help, residential rehab may be the best option.Resource:

One benefit of rehab is that it provides structure. Many addicts live lives that are chaotic and unstructured, as they juggle work, family, and other responsibilities in addition to their drug use. In residential rehab, every hour of the day is planned out — from when you eat your meals to when you have therapy sessions and other activities. This helps you re-learn how to manage your time and provides an opportunity to focus solely on recovering.

The Road to Recovery: A Comprehensive Guide to Addiction Treatment Rehab

Another benefit of rehab is that it can provide a chance to meet other people who are also in recovery. These new friends can become a source of strength and support during treatment and beyond, as they can relate to your struggles. Many addiction treatment programs also include family counseling to help families understand what their loved ones are going through and learn how to support them.

Some rehab centers are certified by the Joint Commission or the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). These certifications require that a facility meet certain standards and have qualified staff members. Those who have private insurance can often get their treatment costs covered, depending on the specifics of their policy and what their deductible and co-payments are.

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