What is a Wetpour Surface?

Wetpour Surface

A wet pour surface, which is also known as impact-absorbing surfacing, is a hard-wearing, slip-resistant and visually appealing surface that can be customized to match your playground equipment. It is available in a range of bright colors and is ideal for incorporating patterns and designs to create a vibrant playground. Educational aids and games can be built into the Wetpour Surface to promote learning through play.

Wetpour is an extremely durable surfacing option with a long lifespan. It is also an environmentally responsible product, as it is made from recycled materials that can be used again and again. Wetpour is designed to absorb impact and therefore prevent major injuries during falls, making it an excellent choice for playgrounds and schools where inclusivity is a key consideration.

Maintaining Your Wetpour Surface: Tips for Longevity and Durability

It is a two-layer system, with an SBR base layer and an EPDM wearing course layer. The SBR base layer is used as a shockpad to absorb impact and the EPDM top layer is the non-slip element of the surface. The layers are bound together using polyurethane resin, which is mixed with the granules and installed onsite to a specified depth, which determines a tested critical fall height value.

Unlike loose-fill rubber surfacing, wetpour is installed to a sub-base of either concrete, tarmac, or MOT stone. This allows water to easily drain away from the area, preventing pooling and weed growth. Wetpour is also ideal for surfacing Daily Mile running tracks to encourage young people to get out and exercise. Contrasting wetpour colours can be incorporated to highlight different activity zones and help children visually distinguish between high-energy and calmer play activities.

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