Day: November 21, 2023

The Real World AI by Andrew TateThe Real World AI by Andrew Tate

The Real World AI by Andrew Tate

Are you sick and tired of stumbling upon online courses that promise the world, only to leave you high and dry? You’re not alone. Thousands of people are fed up with the countless “gurus” who make outrageous claims and fail to deliver on their promises.

Enter The the real world ai andrew tate AI (TRW), the latest venture from Andrew Tate. TRW is essentially a rebrand of his Hustlers University, with a bigger community and more advanced training material. But is TRW the real deal? Or is it just another money-making scheme?

The Real World AI Experience: Andrew Tate’s Perspective

The Real World AI is an online academy for men that teaches various ways to make money online. It covers topics like e-commerce, affiliate marketing, developing an alpha male mindset, and adult webcam modeling. It also offers mentoring from a former 4x kickboxing champion and serial entrepreneur, who boasts of multiple business successes in fields like casino management, digital products, crypto trading, and running an online casino. But details on these businesses and his specific experience with areas he claims to be an expert in, such as cryptocurrency and e-commerce, are scarce. He also frequently veers into alarmist territory by warning men that they will remain broke and angry if they do not join The Real World.

The program is also notable for its numerous professors, who are presented as successful entrepreneurs with claimed net worths in the millions. Some of these professors are also known for their controversial views on wealth, masculinity, and misogyny. Moreover, the program offers an app that allows students to access the various campuses on the go. It claims to have a self-reliant infrastructure that makes it cancel-proof from mainstream tech platforms, which is in part designed to avoid a repeat of the backlash that led to the de-platforming of Hustlers University.