Water Soluble CBD From Biocbd+

The water-soluble CBD from biocbd+ is a convenient way to enhance your wellness routine. The formula is designed with your lifestyle in mind. The capsules are easily portable and can be consumed on-the-go. Simply take a few capsules daily to maintain optimal wellness and support your active lifestyle.

Water Soluble Water Soluble biocbd+ is a revolutionary formulation that offers superior absorption and bioavailability over oil-based products. In fact, it is 5-10 times more bioavailable in the body than any other oil based CBD on the market. Additionally, water-soluble CBD is more stable than oils and can be stored at lower temperatures to avoid oxidation and heat degradation.

Unlocking the Power of Bioavailability: A Guide to Water Soluble CBD

This innovative product combines organic CBD hemp oil with a proprietary blend of functional ingredients to deliver an effective and natural supplement. The formulation features turmeric to potentially reduce exercise induced inflammation, magnesium and L-Theanine for a sense of calm, and melatonin for a healthy night sleep.

The VESISORB technology used in the formulation breaks down the CBD into nanodroplets that are easy to absorb and mix into water-based beverages. When mixed with cold or warm water, the formulation dissolves completely in a few seconds and is ready to be consumed.

When choosing a wholesale water-soluble CBD supplier, look for a company that is professionally run and is consistently available to answer questions in a timely manner. It’s also important to choose a bulk CBD producer that has full vertical integration, which ensures quality control throughout the entire production process.

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