What is an Email Verification Service?

Email verification is a service that allows you to validate or scrub your list of email verification service before sending emails. It ensures your emails are sent to real, live people rather than spam traps or fake addresses and helps you avoid expensive bounce back rates.

Generally speaking, email validation services run multiple checks on an email address, including syntax validation (formatting & checking for missing @ symbols), domain check (to ensure the email address is valid and not in any blocklists) and an email ping test to confirm that the email is reachable via mail servers. The ping test works by sending a message to the exact email address and checking whether it responds to the message, thereby confirming that the email address is valid.

Enhancing Email Security: Engaging Email Verification Services

The best email verification services are those that offer a real-time API or drag-and-drop interface for uploading and cleaning large lists of email addresses, as well as the option to run multiple tasks in bulk at once. This saves time and effort, while ensuring accurate results and a high deliverability rate.

Email verification is an important step in the email marketing process, as it helps to reduce the number of invalid or undeliverable emails, which will ultimately help you get your messages to the inboxes of your recipients. It is also important for establishing your reputation as a trustworthy sender, since email providers like Yahoo, Gmail and AOL are always looking to work with reputable and reliable marketers.

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