Mast Climbers and Scaffolding

Mast climbers are a versatile work platform that can be used across a wide range of projects. They can also be used in conjunction with scaffolding, providing the versatility needed on modern construction projects.

Using mast climbers can be an effective alternative to traditional scaffolding, offering substantial cost and time savings. In fact, they can be used to deliver savings in excess of 35%, cutting down on scaffold build up and enabling a quicker and safer job.

Exploring Mast Climbers: Efficient Solutions for Vertical Access

With a much smaller footprint than scaffolding, mast climbers allow for a greater amount of materials to be moved around the site – saving on both build time and waste disposal. They can be used to provide a safe working platform for many different trades, including masonry, painting, window installation and facade cladding. They can also be utilised for HVAC and electrical work, particularly on high or hard to reach areas of buildings and bridges.

When it comes to safety, it is essential that operatives are trained on how to use the equipment and understand how they should be used in relation to the building structure. This is a requirement set out in the ANSI A92.9 Standard for Mast Climbing Work Platforms. The ties that are used to tie a mast climber into a building are not your run of the mill #9 wires used to connect a frame scaffold to a building, but purpose-designed, structural elements specifically designed by the MCWP manufacturer for the explicit purpose of maintaining stability of the mast climber. These ties should be installed at the locations and frequencies recommended by the MCWP manufacturer.

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