Simple Lash Extensions Care Tips

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent lashes that give your simple lash extensions a fuller look without the hassle of applying mascara and other eye makeup. These are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and lengths. The most popular ones are made from faux mink, silk, or Korean PBT, but the options are endless. Choosing the right lash extensions and following simple care tips will keep your lashes looking great for as long as you want them to last.

First 48 hours and Aftercare

Avoid eye products like eye cream, makeup, or mascara for the first 48 hours after lash application. This gives the glue a chance to fully dry. During this time, you also need to avoid water or showering. You may use a cleanser for the eye area, but only an oil-free one that is specifically designed for lash extensions. BL Lashes has fantastic lash-specific cleansers that include a lash shampoo, eyelash conditioner, and a spoolie brush to keep your lashes clean and detangled.

Always get your lashes done by a qualified lash technician. It’s important to know if you’re allergic to any ingredients in the adhesives, so make sure to let your esthetician know.

It’s a good idea to bring photo inspiration of your desired natural look with you to your appointment, too. This will help your esthetician know what you’re going for and if it’s possible to achieve it with the types of lash extensions you choose.

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